C&C Guarantee it is all about the client and the candidate

Ever experienced a recruiter being involved in the complete process? Ever experienced a recruiter wanting to give the offer to the selected candidate? Ever experienced a recruiter that uses their own logo when they advertise? Well in that case, it is not all about you as a client.


“You as a client shall be the centre of attention, not us as the recruiter”



Ways we make the process all about the client and the candidate:

  • We advise that all our clients interview the candidates without AvantGarde Search being present
  • We advise that interviews with our clients takes place at their premises, not ours
  • We advise that the clients themselves gives the offer to the candidate
  • We advise that allĀ  advertised positions will have the logo of the client on it, not the logo of AvantGarde Search
  • All candidates are guaranteed feedback in relation to the application
  • All clients receives a unique end of project report providing all the data we have collected during the process