Engineering / developer roles – June 2022

Restless engineer or developer? Looking for new adventures? We got you covered!

AvantGarde Search recruits for a lot of different engineering/developer roles in Oslo and the greater Oslo region. This includes everything in between junior roles to VP/C-level roles, in companies everywhere in between early phase-startups to big corporates. Below you can see a full overview of our engineering positions.  

Our processes is likely to be different to what you are perhaps used to when considering a position via an external recruiter. We want to make the process as informative and efficient as possible for you. We therefore have a detailed PDF that we send out prior to starting an actual process. There will also only be one meeting with AvantGarde Search before you get to meet our client for an informal chat. In other words, no outdated and long-winded processes. Or put another way, no processes just for the sake of it.


Bertel O. SteenFront End Developer & Back End Developer  – Lørenskog, hybrid remote

Bertel O. Steen AS is one of Norway’s largest service and trading companies in the automotive industry. However, the automative industry of the future is no longer just about blindy driving in a car that does OK-ish on the road; it’s about technology, customer satisfaction, service and sustainability in practice, and Bertel O.Steen is the challenger who wants to fully digitalize this industry. 


BioSortBack End Software Engineer – Fornebu, onsite

BioSort has the ambition to become the world leader in sensor-based solutions for optimization of fish resources in fish farming, with their product iFarm. Their mission is to create sensor-based solutions for optimization of fish resources using cutting-edge technology within fields such as machine vision, AI, optics, and mechatronics. BioSort’s solutions will manage fish on an individual level, creating value and increased sustainability through increased fish welfare and higher production yields. 


CSAMDevelopment Manager – Stockholm, hybrid remote

CSAM has established itself as a leading player within specialized eHealth solutions offering a broad portfolio of healthtech software. Their product portfolio includes innovative solutions in connected healthcare, medical imaging, women and children’s health, public safety, medication management, laboratory information management systems and health analytics.


KinverFull Stack Developer – Oslo, hybrid remote

Kinver is growing rapidly and are now in full swing with entering the Nordic markets with their SaaS that provides data driven insights in how logistics affects profitability, customer experience and the environment. Kinver products are a gamechanger for existing and new customers who want to gain data-driven insights into their business without having to hire business analysts, setup their own data warehouse, cloud solutions and maintain them.


DefendableFront End Developer – Oslo, onsite
Defendable works to protect and defend its customers against cyber attacks. This is done across a wide range of services, but common to all is that their stated mission and customer promise is to help customers make both people, processes and technology better able to resist and fight cyber attacks.
«The year 2020 will be remembered for many things. In cybersecurity circles, it was the year of the data breach. –  It’s now no longer a question of if but when your organization will experience a security breach» 


AIONSenior System Architect & Data Engineer – Fornebu, onsite
AION by Aker BioMarine think creatively, challenging established truths and push for new solutions. They challenge themselves, solve problems, support their colleagues and look for opportunities to think bigger every day. As a rapidly expanding company, they make circularity happen at an industrial scale by working with customers to identify opportunities to shift from linear to circular and grow their degree of circularity within plastic.


Disruptive TechnologiesDevSecOps Engineer – Oslo / Trondheim, hybrid remote

Disruptive Technologies  is an award-winning Norwegian developer of the world’s smallest wireless sensors and world-class IoT infrastructure with over 15 million data points collected to their cloud database. DT works all the way from hardware to cloud with microchip development, firmware development and their self-composed radio protocols. 


Nofence – Firmware Developer, Hardware Developer & Product Manager Software – Oslo, Molde, Trondheim, Stavanger

Nofence is proud to have built the world’s first virtual fence for livestock. Their product represents the beginning of a tremendous shift in farming towards a sustainable future for agriculture. Their solution is a patented IoT product (a collar for livestock) that delivers a great, and highly practical, value proposition to farmers via its ​​advanced electronics, algorithms, product design, production methods and materials. The collars are connected devices for grazing animals that replace fencing. The main feature is that the product gives livestock better access to pasture.


Norse DigitalTech Lead Front End – Oslo, hybrid remote

Norse Digital defines, designs and develops digital products and services, both for established companies and startups. In 2020 and 2021, they onboarded many new customers, more projects and larger projects. Norse Digital works in interdisciplinary core teams that follows the digital product or service all the way – from definition, to first version development, to continuous further development and management.


Stack by me – Chief Technology Officer – Remote, Norway/Sweden

Stack is a newly established Oslo based fintech company aiming to get beginners started investing, and especially young women and minorities. Shares have existed for hundreds of years, yet there is still some mystery to «stock buying». At stack, e-learning will combine fund and stock trading on top of a lively “community”. You could call it an “Instagram for investment”.


TOMRASenior Embedded Software Engineer & Digital Software Engineer – Asker, hybrid remote

TOMRA Collection is a world-leading technology company working to expand the circular economy. As the largest provider of reverse vending machines (“panteautomater”) on the planet, we strive to reduce society’s reliance on raw materials by enabling drink bottles, cans, and other packaging to be continually recycled in a closed loop. Every year, TOMRA Collection captures more than 40 billion drink containers across 60 global markets, ensuring that they don’t end up in our streets, oceans, or landfills. That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually less than 3% of what’s sold annually! Naturally, we’ve got our sights set on the remaining 97%


VölurLead Software Engineer & VP Machine Learning Engineer – Oslo, hybrid remote

Völur’s goal is to change the way the meat industry works by using AI. The meat & poultry value chains have an extremely high complexity, mostly driven by the number of cutting and processing combinations. With artificial intelligence and data-driven decision-making, they handle the complexity and optimize the value chain based on market demand, ensuring optimal and sustainable use of each individual animal.



AvantGarde Search is a specialist recruitment company focusing on recruitment to technology companies and consultancy companies within tech or digitalization. We aim to be the driver for more modern and agile recruitment services, this in a very conservative industry. We have dedicated teams recruiting within their own key areas including management, software, sales, marketing, design and operations. Additionally, we have a team that 100% focus on recruitment to IoT companies. Since the start in 2019 we have had the opportunity to work with some of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway and Sweden.