We are nominated – Blaze Inclusion Awards

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In February 2022, Diversify launched the Blaze Inclusion Awards (BIA). A never seen and unique award in the Nordic regions highlighting individuals and organizations who stand for- and embrace diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging initiatives within their communities. Guess what!!! AvantGarde Search is nominated

«BIA reflects our relentless commitment and drive to create an equitable society, where every person, irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, disability, socioeconomic status, identity and sexual orientation feels seen, heard and empowered to thrive. » – Diversify

Together with five wonderful Norwegian organizations we are humbled by being nominated in the category The SynergistThe Synergist will be awarded for a diverse and inclusive workspace with diverse representation on all company levels.

Being recognized and nominated for such an outstanding award and having diversity and equality manifested as some of our core values at AvantGarde Search gives us a great deal of affirmation that we are on a good way of changing workspaces for the better.

We already see the nomination as a big win for our community and our organization. All the nominees deserve the outmost respect and acknowledgement for the important work they are doing and for standing up for what is important but often overlooked.

AvantGarders on diverse workspaces

«Creativity! Creativity is what I believe comes out of a diverse workspace and ultimately, what I think is important. Why, you ask? Because of all these divergent experiences, personalities, cultures and lives converge into this big, beautiful, thriving organism with a life of its own.» – Ole

 «Inclusion and openness are two important factors to succeed with a diversified workspace. By inclusion you create an atmosphere of safety and affiliation which again impacts the ability of openness amongst colleagues. The more you get to know each other on the personal level the better you will facilitate and work in a more diverse environment through the tolerance that is being created.» – Patrick

 «I believe that diversity is important in a workplace to promote innovation. The vast majority of our customers have a lot of different ethnicities and backgrounds in their teams. The same goes for us. I think that’s why we succeed, and I think that’s why our customers also succeed. People from different backgrounds perceives the world differently, has different knowledge and solves problems in different ways. I belive that even thinking in a different language can foster innovation. When all these things come together, one can innovate so much and come up with so many magical solutions that a homogenous environment would never have thought of. So, not only for acceptance and tolerance is diversity important, but because it creates innovations that can mean a lot to thousands, if not millions, of people in the long run.» – Lotte

 «For me a diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are feel equally involved in and supported in all areas of the workplace. Bringing diversity in the workplace is not just a “trend” to follow.» Fathia

Would you like to vote for us or any of the other nominees? You could do so HERE

AvantGarde Search is a specialist recruitment company focusing on recruitment to technology companies and consultancy companies within tech or digitalization. We aim to be the driver for more modern and agile recruitment services, this in a very conservative industry. We have dedicated teams recruiting within their own key areas including management, software, sales, marketing, design and operations. Additionally, we have a team that 100% focus on recruitment to IoT companies. Since the start in 2019 we have had the opportunity to work with some of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway and Sweden.