Healthtech when it matters the most


We have all in some way experience vulnerability and fear in relation to our own and/or our loved-once health.

This is my story of why I feel that healthtech and eHealth solutions are working with such important social mission; Improving our lives when we feel the most vulnerable.

It wasn’t long ago I was feeling the most vulnerable I have ever felt. I was pregnant and pregnancy had been hard for me, even more so when I was tested corona positive on my 7th month of pregnancy; the first month of European look-downs at the very start of the corona pandemic early 2020.

I have always been fortunate to have good health so the feeling of being vulnerable in my own body was new to me. The time during and after I recovered from COVID was extra difficult, I lost my sense of smell and taste and I did not know for certain what effect this virus could have on the health of my child. At this early stage of the pandemic no one really did.

Because of the novelty of the virus, I was offered more frequent checkups, and for the last month of my pregnancy I would go to the hospital every week to get me, and my baby checked and monitored. Even though it meant more hospital visits I was gratefully that all the data was showing a healthy and growing child and a healthy mother ready to give birth. I specially remember that everyone, from the reception desk to the physician that attended me where always aware that I had recently recovered from COVID and took the precaution needed for me to know that I was not exposing other mothers nor hospital staff.

Through this time, I never needed to update anyone on my situations. I never had to carry around paper copies or extra documentation to show that I recently had been sick, and I always arrived at the maternity ward with the certainty that the people I met had all the information they needed, this made me feel safe and seen. If any abnormalities would show they would not get lost in paperwork and manual copies.

Today I know that all extraordinary care surrounding my new and unknown situation was possible because of healthtech solution that allow hospitals, and maternity clinics, collect, store, and share all my medical information in a secure and confidential matter.

Having gone through this experience has showed me first-hand how healthtech companies really are making a difference when we are the most vulnerable. Therefore, I am more than proud that we at AvantGarde Search are collaborating with several healthtech companies helping them find the best candidates out there.

Take a look at our web to see what positions we are currently working on if you or anyone you know dreams about a career with some of the leading provider of eHealth solutions.

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