Welcome Ole!


A big day in AvantGarde Search here in Oslo, as our new AvantGarder, Ole Foss has started with us. Ole will be working on the software recruitment team with Lotte and together they will ensure that our clients secure the best programming talents.

Ole is a tech-geek at heart and passionate about how technology will impact our future. He has recently completed his Bachelor in Entrepreneurship in addition to being heavily involved with Epoke Innovation in Drammen, as well as a couple of other startups.

Now, he is ready to hit the ground running doing agile recruitment, just as how developers develop the best software. Ole and Lotte will be a rocking team and already have companies such as Disruptive Technologies, Kinver, Allente, Airthings, Unite Living, Documaster, MiraiEx and more in their client portfolio.

So awesome to have you here Ole.  Time to Rock n Roll a bit now in June and then heavy metal when August comes.