Candidates/talent: As important as investors and paying customers?

Could we argue that candidates are as important to start-ups and scale-ups as investors and paying customers? I hope that most people would say a clear YES. In fact: I am pretty sure that even the investors themselves would say a clear YES.

Written by Erik Falk Hansen. Chief Talent Sourcer and Co-Founder in AvantGarde Search

It is very simple:  All three (investors, candidates and clients) are as important as each other. Without one of them, it would be very hard to build a technology company. I would go as far as to say impossible.

It has been an honour to follow, work with and see so many amazing technology companies scaling up from being small start-ups to large organizations. Impressive technology, products and solutions is one thing, but another thing I admire just as much is how these companies have managed to secure the best talent in what is a candidate driven market. In other words, how they have managed to grow their headcount significantly in a market where there are many more jobs than there are candidates.

Yesterday I participated in a podcast in relation to how to scale up a technology company from a people / headcount point of view. During the conversation we all ended up agreeing that without the right foundation and brand for securing the best candidates, the way from idea to market can be very challenging and sometimes impossible.

Without the developers to develop solutions and products, without the best sales specialists selling the solutions and products, without the best marketing specialists to get the message out there and without the best designers to make a fine brand and a disruptive brand, well what are the chances of success?

What do you think? Is it just the investors money that has made some of Norway`s technology companies into the fastest growing technology companies in Europe? Or as I initially queried; could we argue that the talent pool and ability to source and secure this talent is as important?

My admiration for so many of the companies out there is second to none, whether you are doing all the recruitment yourself, using our services or using a competitor of ours. Keep on doing what you are doing and let every single person who is in contact with your business become a direct or indirect talent sourcer for you.

Some call it Employer Brand. They are absolutely right, but I think there is much more too it than that. Passion, motivation, great people are some things that comes to mind.

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