Can being a Tennis-“star” make me a good Talent Sourcer?

As many of you know by now, I have happily started my dream job as Talent Sourcer with what I believe to be the best talent searching company in Norway- AvantGarde Search.

Here we deliver the best management and specialist talent to start-ups, small and medium size tech-companies. In other words; I am now officially a proud AvantGarder! 😊

Why AvantGarde Search you may ask? First of all it was the people, but then also the idea or concept if you like. While more or less all of the business and technology community becomes “agile”, why doesn’t the recruitment industry or headhunting industry? Well, in AvantGarde Search we do things DIFFERENT than the norm. At AvantGarde we dare to use an agile method of recruiting. We dare to strip down outdated processes and tools to the bone and rebuild using agile values & principles.

Another thing that triggered me was the opportunity to become a recruitment specialist within my own field. Like my colleagues, Fathia and Ann Hege who only work with sales, marketing and design roles, my colleague Lotte who only works with SW Developers or my colleagues Jonas and Patrick who only recruit for IoT companies and so on. Well, my area isn’t 100% decided yet as we will tailor it to best fit my skills, personality and competencies. In other words; we will use an agile method to find my areas of specialization. Pretty cool right?

I am confident that my Economics degree from University of Central Florida as well as International Business studies from Modul University Vienna have prepared me for this opportunity, but also hope my passion for business and technology will go a long way in making me support my clients with sourcing the best talent. And my true passion now that I am an AvantGarder? Finding the perfect “missing piece” of a puzzle for my clients.

Outside of work I am married to my amazing husband. Before coming to Norway I lived in Florida for 18 years with my parents, siblings, and later on 3 beautiful nieces. I am an avid tennis player and competed in many tournaments growing up, eventually becoming a tennis instructor. Speaking of tennis, did you see my header? Well perhaps, I will write a more detailed article answering this question in the not too distant future.

If you would like to learn more about me and the company, feel free to contact me or any of my colleagues. We love meeting new technology companies 😊

Feel free to read more about me here


AvantGarde Search aims to be the driver for more modern recruitment services by using aile values and principles in all our recruitment projects. We refer to ourselves as a true specialist. By that we mean; our focus is 100% on technology companies at start-up or scale-up levels (SMB`s) and only recruitment in relation to management talent, technologist and talent within sales, marketing and design. For more info, please get in touch with one of us. There is nothing we love more than getting to learn more about ambitious technology companies.

AvantGarde Search is a specialist recruitment company focusing on recruitment to technology companies and consultancy companies within tech or digitalization. We aim to be the driver for more modern and agile recruitment services, this in a very conservative industry. We have dedicated teams recruiting within their own key areas including management, software, sales, marketing, design and operations. Additionally, we have a team that 100% focus on recruitment to IoT companies. Since the start in 2019 we have had the opportunity to work with some of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway and Sweden.