The AvantGarde Thursday series @ Clubhouse

Everyone is talking about it and so are we in AvantGarde Search.  Yes, you guessed right – Clubhouse, of course! 

Having participated in a hand full of rooms, we can tell that recruitment-related topics are HOT, and therefore we have decided that we want to give something positive back and possibly add value to those of you planning on hiring, those of you hiring right now and those of you who hopes to get hired.  

In addition to participate in rooms hosted by others, we have decided to host a room every Thursday with the view of gathering key stakeholders from areas within recruitment, technology, startup/scaleup-world and agile.  

Clubhouse is a drop in audio chat, and therefore we welcome and encourage listeners to participate in the discussionIn other wordsthis is in no way a seminar / coursebut a fora where we want a healthy discussion and inputs from everyone.

Short `N sweet: 

What? The AvantGarde Thursday Series.
Where? The Clubhouse app.
 Every Thursday starting 25.02 @ 20:30-21:30.
Topics? New topic will be released a week in advance!
Style? Discussion and idea sharing – feel free to jump in!
For whoAnyone within the technology sector interested in agile, recruitment and building businesses.
How to join? You can join by downloading the Clubhouse app using an iPhone, but you will need an invite. Hit us up for one of those 😉  

Next week, 25.02.21 – The Kickoff 

With scales-ups being hotter than ever before and more and more investments being available; is there really any risk for those wanting to move from a large company to a smaller oneWhat are the pros and cons?

We are discussing if it is safe or not to join a technology scale up during a global pandemic! 

We hope that as many people as possible from startups and scale ups would like to join this discussion and would of course welcome the opportunity for management within larger companies to join.



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If you would like to set up a meeting with AvantGarde Search in order to discuss if, and how we can assist you with recruitment, then please feel free to contact Lotte Gjørsvik on / 467 73 573. AvantGarde Search aims to be the driver for more modern and agile recruitment processes in what has become a very conservative industry. We specialise in the recruitment to management positions, technical positions and positions within sales, marketing and design and as per today we work with some of Norway’s fastest growing tech-companies in both Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen.

AvantGarde Search is a specialist recruitment company focusing on recruitment to technology companies and consultancy companies within tech or digitalization. We aim to be the driver for more modern and agile recruitment services, this in a very conservative industry. We have dedicated teams recruiting within their own key areas including management, software, sales, marketing, design and operations. Additionally, we have a team that 100% focus on recruitment to IoT companies. Since the start in 2019 we have had the opportunity to work with some of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway and Sweden.