Developer, Product Manager or Tech Consultant in Oslo? Check out these positions :-)

AvantGarde Search are pleased to work with so many ambitious tech-companies in the Oslo region. We believe we have some of the most interesting and challenging positions out there at the moment. Below you will find an overview of the positions as well as a brief introduction to our easy and informal processes.  If anything triggers, then please get in touch with the contact person and we will send you much more info. All confidential of course.

Developer – Unite Living – Proptech ( Norwegian speakers only)

Snr. Frontend Developer – Axo Finans – Fintech (Norwegian speakers only)

Snr. Backend Engineer – Arundo – IIoT – Open to moving people from abroad

Snr. Embedded Dev – Airthings – IoT – Open to moving people from abroad

Product Manager – Novelda – IoT – Must have technical background

Product Manager – Kindly – SaaS (Norwegian speakers only)

Technical Tester – SOCO – Test Consultancy (Norwegian speakers only)

Technology Consultant – Gnist – Tech Consultancy (Norwegian speakers only)

CTO / Tech Lead – Iconfirmit – Proptech

Jnr. Embedded Developer – Huddly – IoT

Data Engineer BI – Allente – Tech

Snr. Developer – JPro – Consultancy (Norwegian speakers only)

Tech Lead – Mestergruppen (Norwegian speakers only)

We make a detailed prospect for all clients and positions. In this document you will learn more about the company, the position and the process.

We believe in putting the candidate in touch with the hiring company ASAP. After a brief video-meeting with AvantGarde Search we will set up an informal meeting between you and the company.