The Rock N Roll of Tech and Software

No doubt, working for small to medium sized tech-companies, or scale-ups as they are often referred to, is a different world to working for larger organizations. Especially for those working at technical level such as Software Engineers & Developers, Data Scientists, Product Managers and more.

In the Oslo area today there is a high number of incredible ambitious tech-companies who can offer technical positions. Opportunities that perhaps larger companies cannot offer those who are at the highest technical level.


We have put together a short list of key positives people experience when working for a tech scale-up
  1. Make impact on the technology used – companies are often open to trying new things and new technologies that can be implemented within a short space of time.
  2. Being closer on the action and seeing solutions develop from idea to the commercial stages.
  3. Being encouraged to try out new things.
  4. Wear several hats at the same time. Not only being subject to e.g back-end or front-end but gain experience and get to work over the whole stack.
  5. Getting the sense that you and your team solving the insolvable.
  6. More flexibility in how and where you work.
  7. All the focus is on tech and development, not on building a bureaucracy and long-winded processes.
  8. Your contribution is as important as everyone else`s in the company.
  9. Work on developing technology that will significantly change how our society works in the future.
  10. It is simply a great laugh

 Working for scale-ups is for many simply referred to as the “Rock n Roll of tech” and it truly is so. 


AvantGarde Search currently work with some of the regions fastest growing and most ambitious tech-companies. Instead of having long-winded interview processes, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about these opportunities. We send out a detailed description of the position and the company and if you like what you see? Well then we will set up an informal coffee chat between you and the client.

At present we are working on the following positions:

Product Manager with Novelda in Nydalen

Senior & Junior Cloud SW Engineer with Disruptive Technologies at Lysaker

Junior Embedded Developers with Huddly at Skøyen

IT Infrastructure Manager with Huddly at Skøyen

Low-Powered Wireless Embedded SW Dev with Airthings in Oslo

Embedded Developer with Airthings in Oslo

Embedded Developer with EIDEL in Eidsvoll

Hardware Developer

So feel free to get in touch if you would like us to send more information about any of these positions. / 40 43 54 93