Webinar – Agile Recruitment, a must to secure the best talent in 2020 and beyond!

We are so humbled that so many fantastic people from fantastic companies attended our breakfast seminars in Oslo on Stavanger where we talked about the importance of implementing agile principles and values into recruitment. If you missed it, well here is a new opportunity, this time via web. In particular relevant for Management (C-Suit and below), HR Representatives and Internal Recruiters.

AvantGarde Search aims to be the driver for more modern, up to date and agile recruitment services here in Norway. In what has become a very conservative industry, we simply believe that companies need to adjust their recruitment practises in order to secure the best talent. As with many other things these day`s; we believe the word “agile” is the best way of doing this. So, welcome to our webinar: “Agile Recruitment a must to secure the best talent in 2020”

To give you an idea of what we will cover:

  1. A real-life example of the “perfect” agile recruitment project
  2. What is the opposite of agile recruitment and why do companies still practise such processes?
  3. What are the negative implications of non-agile recruitment processes?
  4. What is Agile recruitment?
  5. What are the key benefits of agile recruitment?
  6. How can you implement agile values and principles into your recruitment?

As always when we host seminars and webinars; The focus will be 100% on the topic at hand. There will be no “selling” or “promotion” of our own services. That is our promise to all participants!

If you would like to participate (free of course), please do so via this link (Eventbrite)

27.04 @ 12:00
07.04 @ 20:30
22.04 @ 12:00
22.04 @ 20:30

3 days prior to the webinar we will send out a final confirmation with login details.

Welcome to the Agile Recruitment Webinar


The AvantGarders

Below som pictures from the seminars in Oslo and Stavanger