Agile recruitment – short & sweet

AvantGarde Search are constantly evolving and developing and during 2019 our recruitment for our clients became more and more agile. We are now seen as the driver for more agile recruitment here in Norway and have the aim of totally changing how recruitment is carried out, both in-house or when using an external supplier.

What agile recruitment is not

  • Not starting before 100% ready
  • Very defined job specification
  • Very specific target / goal
  • Rigid and defined process without short sprints and learning
  • Same process for all candidates, no learning as go along
  • Only consider candidates that 100% matches the target


What are the negative implications with non-agile recruitment?

  • Risk losing the best candidate due to time
  • Risk losing the best candidate due to starting recruiting too late
  • Risk losing the best candidate that has more to offer due to specific goal
  • Time spent – increased cost
  • Longer time before candidate starts – increased costs’
  • Weakens company reputation / Employer brand


7 agile principles that can be implemented into recruitment

  1. Early and continuous delivery
  2. Welcome changing requirements
  3. Work together regularly
  4. Candidate primary measure of success
  5. Constant pace and momentum
  6. Simplicity
  7. Reflect, tune and adjust

3 out of 4 agile values that can be implemented into recruitment

  1. Interaction over processes and tools
  2. Customer collaboration
  3. Responding to change over following a plan


In summary, what is agile recruitment?

  • A process with no specific goals / targets in relation to need, process and tasks
  • A process that allows for flexibility based on learning
  • A process that evolves over time based on learning
  • A process that respects that its route is formed by candidates and candidate access

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This was a short intro to Agile Recruitment. To learn more, you can either confirm your interest in attending our next breakfast seminar on agile recruitment in Oslo in April or set up a meeting at any time with our Chief Talent Sourcer, Erik Falk Hansen. Erik can be reached on or 40435493.