Best Computer & Data Science jobs in Oslo? NO CV or application needed

Do you receive many enquiries from Headhunters telling you they have the best opportunities for developers and data scientists in Oslo? Well, we aim to get in touch with you in a different manner. To us it is all about making it as easy as possible for you to learn about what exciting positions are available.

Most people working with Computer & Data Science already have a good job. We are sure that is the case with you as well and you are more than likely to enjoy what you do. Having said that, AvantGarde Search work in what can be described as a unique way. We only work with permanent recruitment for start-ups, small and medium sized companies. No large organisations and no public sector. This means that we perhaps have some of the most exciting customers and positions in the Oslo area; Best technology, you get in early on the company`s journey and you get the opportunity to contribute and develop the company. Last but not least; You will be part of an incredible journey and have the freedom to carry out your job as you please.

For AvantGarde Search it is important that you get to meet the potential employer as early as possible in a process. They are the ones you could be interested in, not us.

We would welcome the opportunity to have an informal chat with you over a coffee one day (outside of work hours is fine). We could then tell you more about what opportunities are out there and you can then go away to have a think about what could be of interest to you. If it turns out that you are not interested then we wish you all the best in your current position and you are welcome to contact us again in the future.

No CV, no application, no database

We are not after a CV or an application. Neither will you have to enter details in a database. We want to make this simple for you so that you can keep up to date in relation to some of the most exciting tech-companies out there.

Feel free to contact Erik Falk Hansen on / 40435493 or Arnfinn Madsen on arnfinn@avantgardesearch,no / 93694420