What a first week for AvantGarders (and the puppy Scampi)

What a week it has been. Top people within our industries have praised us for “daring” to select the name AvantGarde Search while we have achieved over 150 000 views on what we have shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. People also seem to love our new website, a site in which we wanted to build with a “less is more” attitude. The first week of AvantGarde Search has been hectic, exciting, rewarding and fun. Here is some of the things that has happened.

New positions

Launched two new positions in Asker and Oslo for Software Developer (4Subsea) and Data Scientist (Arundo Analytics). We have also secured a new position for Software Developer in Stavanger in which will be launched next week. You can read more about the positions on our blog under new positions and they are all for companies with focus on tomorrows technology.

In the media

Erik Falk Hansen has been for an interview with Dagens Næringsliv in which will be published this weekend or sometime next week. The interview is related to how candidates now more and more wants to work start-ups, small and medium sized companies, in particular companies in which are working on some form of Disruptive Technology. Here is the article: Hodejeger firma satser alt

Interest from tech-companies

A number of small to medium sized tech-companies in both Oslo and Stavanger have contacted us after the launch in order to set up a meeting. They are interested learning more about are agile and perhaps somewhat disruptive recruitment services and we are looking forward to attend these meetings during the next few weeks something in which we very much look forward to.

Conference “Næringsmiddel Konferansen” Stavanger

This week OG-S have attended this conference in order to meet companies within the Bio-Tech world as well as learning more about the industry. We had our own stand and partners, Ingunn Søyland and Kennet Hansen also held a presentation for all the participants on “the future of headhunting”. A great moment was when the Major of Stavanger visited our stand and achieved a hole in one on our mini gold course.

New employee?

We have today made an offer to a candidate for our office here in Oslo in which will be launching a brand new service for companies looking to hire the best talent within Computer and Data Science. These services will for now remain confidential but a teaser could be “up-side down process”. We hope she accepts the opportunity to become an AvantGarder.

What in store for next week?

We will probably be somewhat less active in Social Media after being very active this week. Our key job is to attract as many good candidates as possible and at the same time meet up with exciting start-ups, small and medium sized tech-companies within industries including renewables, oil, gas, maritime, data science, fin-tech, bio-tech and more.

The “boss`” puppy experienced snow for the first time

What can we say? Must have been pretty exciting week for Scampi too this week having experienced snow for the first time in her life 🙂

Wish you all a great weekend and thanks again for all your support this week. All the AvantGarders really appreciate all of you.