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DN Gaselle 2019

The recruitment industry in Norway desperately needs changes and modernization. Disruption perhaps some would call it. Not just in terms of technology but perhaps more so within both the humane and process aspects. AvantGarde are here to ensure our clients and candidates received modern and agile recruitment services & processes. Processes that places focus on the client and the candidate, not us. In doing so we can be at the forefront of the industry and ensure our clients secures the absolute best candidates for their needs while at the same time retaining and strengthening their employer brand.

15 Feb: Kommunikasjon og vekst – Bli med på laget som skal skape mer hverdags-godhet

Hei👋 Drømmer du om å jobbe fulltid med å gjøre verden bedre? Er du en sterk historieforteller som lager engasjerende…


The true specialist

We buy our sport equipment from a sports shop, our food from a supermarket and clothes from a clothes shop. Yet, why isn’t it the same when it comes to recruitment? AvantGarde aims to be the first specialist recruiter in Norway. A true specialist! We only recruit for management and specialist (Technical) positions and dedicate our time to small & medium sized companies. Additionally, our key focus is on technology, maritime, renewable energy, data science and the oil & gas sector. This enables us to deliver the best service and the best candidates.




Data Science



  • DN Gaselle 2019
  • Regularly used by Dagens Næringsliv for career site and podcasts
  • Top 3 recruiter at Nordic Recruiter Awards 2018
  • Norway`s largest network within technology, IT, oil, maritime and renewable industries
  • We have delivered on 100% of assignments since start in 2013
  • Specially invited guest to Petter Stordalen`s “talentjakt”
  • We chose the colour pink in our logo by a vote. Green came second
  • We refer to ourselves as “AvantGarders”

AvantGarde was set up to act as the driver for change within the Norwegian recruitment industry. We are a group of passionate people with a variety of backgrounds that only think it is fair that both clients and candidates receive services that mirrors the developments in both the society and the commercial world. As a result; more and more companies are using AvantGarde in the search for new leaders or specialists.

  • Agile processes that ensures the best candidate within shortest amount of time
  • Modern and up to date processes
  • Not just headhunting from our network, but also outside our network
  • Money back guarantee
  • Candidates chosen based on skill, experience, education, cultural fit and motivation
  • 5 dedicated and hard-working entrepreneurs that really wants to be the driver for positive changes within the recruitment industry
  • Passion, openness, and respect to the fact that the key player in a recruitment process is not AvantGarde, but you, the client
  • We build and strengthen your employer brand
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Your reputation is our mission